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My SPAN 330 Sylabus Page, 2007

Flipped Classroom Redux

I commented on the idea of a flipped classroom on this blog not long ago. But the publication of a new handout in Educause’s useful 7 Things series has inspired me to revisit the issue.

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Thinking Out Loud: Flipped Classroom?

This post was inspired by an article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed. Quite some time ago I saw a TED video about Khan Academy  and I have become fascinated by the idea of a “flipped classroom”. I would love to test-drive this idea in a real classroom, and if I ever teach a semester-long class again, […]

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Tech & Healthcare: O’Reilly Interview

Here is an interesting interview with Tim O’Reilly about the technology advances in healthcare. Made me think of a few articles I read recently, and new healthcare devices: Portable ultrasound devices that work with consumer electronics, such as an iPhone [via BusinessWeek]. Inexpensive wellness/fitness tracking gadgets, such as FitBit or JawBone Up.

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Lidell Playlist on Rdio

From iPhone App, to Jamie Lidell… (via @TUAW)

This post should be called “when one thing leads to another, and another…”: originally, it was intended to be just a short comment about music software on the iPhone. As a complete music dilettante [can’t read it; can’t sound very articulate talking about it; can’t play it – but like lots of it], I am easily impressed […]

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QR code shopping

A REALLY cool way to shop for groceries

Shopping for groceries takes quite a chunk of my time each week. It’s great to have Woodman’s – with its wide selection and low prices – just a few blocks away from where I live; and Willie St. Co-op – with all the stuff I can’t find at Woodman’s – just a short drive Atwood/Williamson; […]

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Screenshot of Asana homepage

A new alternative & competitor to BaseCamp?

For a while now I’ve been a big fan of BascCamp, online software that makes project communication easier and more effective. There are many things I like about BaseCamp, including its simplicity, and the fact that it works just as well on a computer as it does on my phone or iPad. There are several […]

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Futuristic Microsoft

iOS, vs. Android and Mango

I like the fact that we have more than one strong operating system for smartphones. Among Apple iOS, Google Android (Gingerbread), and Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, there is enough variety to accommodate different preferences and tastes. I’m partial to iOS, and here are two articles that list two good reasons for that. One, from Wired’s […]

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