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Newly Discovered Music…

As creepy as it may sound, there are clear benefits to “following” people you don’t know on a music subscription service. Just discovered some new music on Rdio thanks to Andy Wolber (whom I don’t know, but I like his music collection, and I’m one of two people who “follow” him). The album is the eponymous […]

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From Blogger, to Twitter, to Medium?

So, we’re getting the first look at It’s a new concept from Ev Williams, who is the brilliant guy behind Blogger, and then Twitter. Will Medium become as big as the previous two “inventions”? It sounds intriguing as a concept – a space situated somewhere between a blog post, a Facebook status update, and a cross-pollination […]

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P&G Ad – Spectacular video editing

Whether you like it, and find it touching; or think that it’s just an example of manipulative Hallmark-ey malarkey, this P&G ad (2 minutes), with Ludovico Einaudi’s emotional soundtrack, released in May for Mothers’ Day, and anticipating the Olympics, can be appreciated for being a spectacular tour de force of the art & craft of […]

Continue reading – a promising app, uncomfortable ToS [updated: new good ToS!]

Kibits is an iOS app (and related online service at that creates ad-hoc, social mini-networks, and enables sharing of a wide range of materials within these groups, including chat messages, photos, videos, links, locations, notes, and even documents – the latter through direct iCloud and Dropbox integration (in this area, it clearly beats the […]

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Let’s reform education!

What’s the French word McNugget sold on eBy for for $8000? Well, in this article, “a piece of chicken-scented cardboard shaped like the first president of the US.” The whole article is hilarious (and not only because it’s in French). It also contains a splendid idea for promoting history in schools: the author proposes using […]

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MLA on Tweets: too little, too late…

Moden Language Association, the professional association of academics (of which I was a member for over a decade) in the fields of language and literature, despite its name is usually far from “Modern,” and its prescriptive guidelines for citing research in academic papers – often illogical, and arcane – tend to lag behind current technologies and […]

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ELI 2012 TQ Presentation Slide

Getting Ready for ELI 2012 Annual Meeting in Austin, TX

I am getting ready, and very much looking forward to participating in this year’s Educause Learning Initiative (ELI) 2012 Annual Meeting  / Conference in Austin, TX. One of my UW-W colleagues and I are presenting the overview and results of our technology overview for new students (called UW-W TechQuest). The complete presentation slide deck (PDF, 34+ MB), […]

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